Benefits consolidating servers

Physical consolidation This means collecting servers distributed across multiple remote/branch offices and business units into a central datacentre.Pros: Physical consolidation can help the team reduce complexity and more easily standardize purchases, configurations and management best practices.

Using logical consolidation, hard partitions can be established for the operating system, application, processors and memory requirements so that these individual server "islands" are pooled onto a single server or cluster.Logical consolidation on a shared server can save 40% or more of overhead headroom, and a proportional decrease in server assets.This can lead to a similar reduction in administration and support.For multi-application portfolios, this approach maximizes asset utilization and consolidation, reducing software licensing requirements, facilities costs and labour -- saving at leat 40 % based on the application profiles.Typically, fewer, smaller applications that peak at different times drive the highest consolidation.

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It’s a terrific way for IT to save their budget, especially considering that so few servers are used to their full capacity.

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