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Add that to the following: Eddy “the Cannibal” Merckx, the most successful rider in history; the last 28 Tours de France; the film, A Sunday in Hell, a brilliant documentary of the gruelling 1976 Paris-Roubaix race by Danish director Jorgen Leth. Answer: they have all been reported on, celebrated, and minutely analysed by William Fotheringham, who can legitimately stake a claim to being the Bard of the Bike, the most prolific and mythic of cycling writers, the Ernest Hemingway of two wheels.

He is also, need I say, a cycling nut and always has been.

You may feel like a letch cycling unfeasibly slowly behind a tight bum in hot pants, but the chances are, there is a girl on a Pashley, cycling behind you getting distracted by the sight of the way your muscles in your calves move as you pedal. Step 1: As any marketer will tell you, you need to understand your target audience.

New forays into flirting can come back to bite you (and not in a fun way). Races along long stretches of road are a sure-fire way to get someone’s attention. One final word on this: you don’t have to restrict yourself to cyclists alone, you can cross-pollinate with other road users (but steer clear of bus drivers – you won’t get anywhere there).A couple of his titles, , could be autobiographical.I spent an evening this week at Look Mum, No Hands, a so-called “cycle café” in Shoreditch, where you can get your bike fixed or buy a new one while ordering your coffee.It’s a busy marketplace and you’ve got competition for attention. You’re randy, you’re looking good, you’ve identified your prey but wait! Something between your thighs of course: your choice of bicycle. I favour a single speed as my commute to work is entirely on the flat, and having to change gears would use up valuable thinking space that would be better suited to focussing on the task in hand.No one will take you seriously on a fold-up bike, it indicates that you can’t cycle your whole journey and need to take a breather and pop your bike on a train at some point. Furthermore, a mountain bike in London is both inelegant and impractical and I have recently launched a one-woman crusade to have them outlawed from our fair streets. The classic approach of cycling up behind someone to check them out from behind, then speeding up and over-taking to check them out from in front is still so popular because it’s reliable. But it won’t get you very far, you’ve got to come out of your shell and start working your chirpz.

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