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Using multiple client policies also provides the flexibility to assign different sets of users to different presence configuration files in the event that not all users should have the same file.

Another advantage of this approach is that this client policy parameter could be used to point to an invalid path to prevent users from enabling their own custom presence settings.

See the end of this article for the changes specific to Lync 2013.

So if you already know how to do this in the OCS R2 client, then follow the same steps.

Thus to prevent users from configuring their own local custom files an administrator can define a defunct policy in Lync which will always override any local settings, effectively locking out changes applied at the workstation level.

As the Lync client is now part of the Office 2013 suite then all of the registry settings are now stored in a completely different location.

So for client-side file hosting or configuration the following alterations are required to the instructions provided above.

Office Communicator has supported the customization of up to 4 additional presence states for some times, and there are many articles all over the Internet on this topic.

But I have not yet seen one specifically for Lync, so here is a brief overview.

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