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Trump ended up with 8 percent of black voters, compared to Clinton’s 88 percent, according to Pew Research.

Trump claims to value loyalty above all else, and when he moved into the White House, he brought Manigault-Newman, the perpetual foil from his reality TV days.

The president did appear to defer to her on African-American issues, according to a Buzzfeed report from March, though some black GOPers felt she had frozen them out of the administration.

But day to day, reports from the White House suggest she often became embroiled in dramatic, reality TV-esque scenarios — and didn’t appear to have a strong grasp on her White House role.

According to People, she held four jobs in two years, including at the White House personnel office.

“It was actually the closest thing to reality TV [I’d experienced] since getting here,” a White House official told the outlet.

Ryan (who has a history with Manigault Newman) reported that it all began when General John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, fired Manigault-Newman on Tuesday night.

Manigault-Newman did not take the news well, according to Ryan, and insisted on speaking with the president himself.

Her primary task involved building up support among African Americans for Trump — a candidate who once told black voters they should elect him because “what do you have to lose?

”The RNC seemed skeptical of Manigault-Newman and the Trump campaign’s efforts, hiring three strategists to amp up outreach in August 2016.

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