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Movies also have special features that can require online access.Since most people use Wi-Fi around their house for connectivity, we assume you’ll want your player to have it as well.Some Blu-ray players, mostly from off-brand manufacturers, have stopped getting firmware updates.This is an issue because Blu-ray copy protection is still evolving, and newer discs can have new forms of copy protection, meaning they won’t be viewable on older, non-updated players.This year and last I’ve tested a dozen players for The Wirecutter using the same intensive methods.

I know what makes a difference in a Blu-ray player and what you can ignore.If you want to add streaming services (Netflix, etc), you’re better off getting a media streamer.They support far more services, have a better user interface, and are faster to use than a Blu-ray player.If you have one of these older players, find you can’t watch a new Blu-ray you bought, and can’t update your player, you may need to upgrade.Most players continue to get upgrades, though, and we have players that are over five years old that still play all new releases.

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An HDMI input means you can even process video from other sources like your cable box.

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